British Grandpa Discovers Bomb Shelter, Turns It Into A Bar, As Any Reasonable Person Would Do

If you found a secret bomb shelter in your backyard, what would you do with it? If it were me, maybe I'd find a way to play video games in it at full blast, because I really want to feel those rumbles in my chest when I'm waving my lightsaber around.

The Daily Mail reports that Khandu Patel, 68, from Wolverhampton, England, finally lifted a manhole cover in his backyard after living in his house for 40 years. Lo and behold, he found a pretty big air raid shelter underneath his yard. While he'd wondered about why the manhole cover was there, he never took it upon himself to open the thing until the pandemic hit. When he first opened it, all he saw was concrete.

But once he and a friend dug through the concrete, they discovered a set of stairs leading to a chamber. He estimated it could hold around 40 people crammed together, if they were extremely packed in. After clearing out the entire space, he gave the stairs and room a makeover by painting the walls and installing lights and has decided to do what any perfectly hospitable party person would: convert it a bar.

After the pandemic comes to a close, he's planning to use it for get-togethers with friends and families, which is really what most people are craving more than anything. Now that he's got a sick new spot to chill, I hope he invites me over too, because I would like to go around telling people I once threw a few cold ones back in a bomb shelter with a new friend.