Bengals Fans Are Shotgunning Skyline Chili—Which Gives Us An Idea

What canned food would you chug for your favorite sports team?

NFL fans are some of the most passionate sports fans in America. Just ask The Takeout's favorite tailgater, Pinto Ron. Well, a small population of Cincinnati Bengals fans are really showing their fan dedication when it comes to their team, because some of them have been chugging cans of hometown favorite's Skyline Chili straight from the can. All in celebration of their team heading to the Super Bowl, reports Cleveland Scene.

Let's back up real fast. Have any of you had Cincinnati-style chili? If you haven't, erase what you typically think of chili. Cincinnati-style chili isn't chili con carne, and it's not the kind with ground meat and beans (stop hating on beans, everyone). At its core, Cincinnati-style chili is more of a liquidy meat sauce that has spices like cinnamon, cloves, and allspice in it. WVXU explains that it's actually a descendant of Greek pastitso, which is a pasta dish layered with that spiced meat sauce along with cheese and other ingredients.

I've had it from the can. It's definitely tested my concept of chili, but I can see why some people love it so much. Out of a lot of different canned foods, this one does seem chuggable, though I think it's more of a mug sipper, myself.

People love their football teams. So here, in no particular order, I'll propose a few different canned and jarred goods for other hometown fans to chug in order to show their true dedication. This is more for next year, when the new season starts and everyone's innocently optimistic that their team isn't gonna suck ass.


Hey, Bills fans, this is a no-brainer. Forget just eating wings. How many of you think you can slam a bottle of Frank's Hot Sauce? I'm assuming there's at least a few of you who've done so. We all lose bets sometimes.


Green Bay

Cheeseheads, I suppose you guys could all just try and do the gallon milk challenge, where you try to drink a whole gallon of milk in one hour, but you are called Cheeseheads. Come on, go put some cold pack cheese spread in the microwave and pound that shit while it's nice and warm.


New Orleans

Gumbo. You knew that was coming, didn't you? I know that in New Orleans you can get extraordinary fresh made gumbo right from someone's kitchen, but come on, do you really want Bengals fans to show you up? Canned gumbo exists. Go chunky. Show people your mettle.



Bears fans are some of the most diehard I know. You know why we keep losing? It's because none of you are chugging spicy oil-soaked giardinera. And none of that mild shit, either, chug the spicy stuff. I want you soaked in oil in your Bears jersey running down the street, waving your fists.


So, football fans, which food do you nominate for chugging right from a can or jar, to show your true fandom? There's no wrong answers here, since passion and practicality don't always go hand-in-hand. Please. I want to know.