We Let GWAR Spew Its Vaping Fluids All Over Our Puny Lungs

With "vape" culture on the rise (It's the Word Of The Year!), everyone is looking to get in on the vape game—both on Earth and, it turns out, in the farthest reaches of outer space. Yes, even the interstellar metal aliens of GWAR have their own vaporizer line now, all in keeping with their utter contempt for humanity. Earlier this year, the band partnered with Shroudz to create custom GWAR-themed "wraps" for Innokin's iTaste vaporizer, which allow you to cover the iTaste's rectangular, rather bulky electronic cigarette with the gnarly visages of GWAR (including the late Oderus Urungus) for added sophistication. It's also teamed with Mt. Baker Vapor to develop several GWAR-themed "fluids," which allow you to cover your lungs in GWAR-approved flavors like Bloodbath, German Chocolate Beefcake, Jizmoglobin, and Spew.

Naturally, given our long history of being abused by GWAR, The A.V. Club felt compelled to try them. So it was up to us—specifically, senior editor Sean O'Neal and film writer Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, the only staff members guilty of smoking—to pay for our vice by absconding to the freight elevator, like the pariahs we are. As you'll see, GWAR's vaping fluids left our lungs properly thrashed—though they were also surprisingly sweet. Just like GWAR.