Very Good Boy Does Very Good Grocery Delivery Job

One thing we here at The Takeout can't get enough of is stories about very, very good boys (and girls). Even I, the site's resident cat person, turn into a puddle of goo when I hear about a dog who is morally superior to at least half the people I know, like Sunny the golden retriever who brings groceries to her homebound neighbor, or Soda Pop the boxer who is saving the lives of countless quarantined Marylanders by bringing them wine. Though I love my cats and they seem to love me, I know they'd never bring me a damn thing if I was in trouble. One time I passed out from my anemia, and when I came to, a certain Mr. Rory Cat-houn was sitting on my chest with his butt inches from my nose, demanding pets (his sweet spot is right above his tail). I put up with this sort of humiliation because, as a Catholic, I know that on some level I deserve it. But still, I make them read every dog story we write, hoping that maybe it will make them want to be better animals who won't eat me in the event I die from a lack of groceries or being smothered by Rory's butt. So here's another hero dog to turn all our knees to jelly!

Meet Eros, an eight-year-old chocolate Lab from Medellín, Colombia. Four years ago his humans, the Botero family, opened the El Porvenir grocery store in the hilltop neighborhood of Tulipanes. Everyone—parents, children, and dog —pitched in to run it. Eros would accompany his mom, Maria, on local deliveries and soon had several of the routes down pat. With Eros' sense of direction, remarkable jaw strength, and willingness to work for treats, he made the perfect delivery boy. Though he can't read addresses, he knows exactly where the customers that have treats are, and knows how to get to their houses. When those lucky customers call in with an order, Maria packs it in a little straw basket, Eros picks it up with his teeth, and off he goes like the professional he is. Once the groceries are delivered, Eros expects lots of pets and, of course, a generous tip.

"He's quite a glutton," his mom told AP News. "He won't leave your house until you give him a treat." There is nothing wrong with Eros' strategy, because seriously, what kind of monster wouldn't give a treat to a very good boy? The kind of monster who doesn't deserve grocery delivery, that's for damn sure.