The A.V. Club Eats Booze-Infused "Drunkin Donuts"

A product that unites booze with fattening baked goods is not exactly a hard sell for The A.V. Club. So when the folks at The Drunkin Donut sent us a few samples of their alcohol-infused desserts, we were game to try them out, even if a bit of assembly was required. When you order from The Drunkin Donut, they send you a box of glazed donuts and tubes with your choice of frosting (with little cold packs to keep them fairly fresh). Then you put the final product together yourself, squeezing a tower of frosting onto the pristine donuts. Sonia Saraiya, Josh Modell, and I recently dug into a Drunkin Donut care package, and our reactions are rendered below as a motion picture you can play in your Internet browser.

It got messy—I spent the latter half of the shoot wishing I could go wash my hands. Beyond the donuts, we also tried an alcohol-infused amaretto brownie, and a likewise boozy truffle.