Instagram Sensation Bread Face Teams Up With Supreme Oreo—yes, We'll Explain What All Of That Means

If you find something hauntingly familiar about Supreme's iconic promo pic for its highly anticipated (and long sold out) collaboration with Oreo, it's because you might have seen those lips before. They belong to popular Instagrammer Bread Face, internet famous for... videos where she smashes her face into bread. I could probably find something snarky to say about this, but I spent a decent amount of 2008 watching Cake Farts with friends, so I'm just going to keep my damn mouth shut.

In a 2016 interview with Refinery29, Bread Face clarified that she doesn't smash her face into bread for some weird sex thing, but rather just because it's fun, and she thought there might be some people out there who would get a kick out of it. Over 195,000 followers later, it's clear that Bread Face has tapped into a latent human desire to watch carbs get compressed in this manner. After viewing some of her videos, I can definitely see the appeal:

Just like man, Bread Face cannot live on bread alone. Since starting her bread-smashing career in 2015, she's smooshed her face into things like sponge cakes, buttermilk biscuits, cloud pancakes, Belgian waffles, crunchy taco shells, and oversized Bavarian pretzels. What shall she smash her face into next? No one knows for sure, but I do know that I'm going to be smashing my face into some bread this weekend, just for kicks. I've certainly done something similar with pie on one or two (or three hundred) occasions. I didn't know that I should've been filming all of this! My 2 a.m. eating habits could have given me so many spokesmodel opportunities!