Will Salted Caramel TWIX Enter The Superior Candy Canon?

The new TWIX bar drops later this year, with a nationwide release in 2022.

We don't talk about TWIX enough, if you ask me. TWIX bars have a lot going for them. They're delightfully toothsome and generously sized. They come in a pleasing gold wrapper. Plus, it's fun to use your teeth to strip off the bar's chocolate coating, almost like a beaver going to town on a downed log. And yet, TWIX didn't even make our fantasy candy bar draft a few years back, despite featuring what Takeout editor in chief Marnie Shure once referred to as a "Jekyll-and-Hyde crunchy/gooey contrast that stimulates the brain much more than a Snickers." But now, TWIX is going for the gold with a new flavor: TWIX Salted Caramel.


Per a press release sent to The Takeout, the new flavor is "perfect for those that don't want to choose between a sweet or salty treat." Sounds like the new bars look just like a classic TWIX on the outside, with a classic milk chocolate coating. But on the inside, you'll find tasty ribbons of salted caramel covering that crunchy TWIX cookie, as well as a "pinch of salt for a new sweet and salty experience."

The press release really pushes that sweet/salty combo. "While TWIX fans will still need to pick a side when it comes to choosing between right TWIX or left TWIX, they will no longer have to decide between a sweet or salty treat with TWIX Salted Caramel," said Michelle Deignan, Mars Wrigley senior brand director, in the release.


Is the new flavor enough to give TWIX the canonical boost it deserves? We'll see. Per the release, TWIX Salted Caramel will be hitting shelves at select retailers in September, with nationwide availability beginning in 2022 in both Single size (1.4 ounces) and Share size (2.8 ounces). We'll make sure to get our hands on one (or 20) and report back as soon as possible.