You Can Now Eat Pringles Directly Out Of Your Shoe Like You've Always Wanted

The new Pringles and Crocs collaboration includes a very unusual wearable.

Food and clothing brand collaborations are nothing new, and the latest one to drop is footwear from Crocs and Pringles. For the first time ever, Pringles has entered the footwear market. (I never thought I'd be saying those words.) The new Pringles x Crocs Collection includes a few types of foot gear you can sport, one of which has a feature that I'm having a hard time understanding, because not once have I ever wanted to strap potato chips to my feet.

The Pringles x Crocs Collection comes in multiple formats

There are three types of wearables available. One of them is a pair of black and white slides, suitable to kick sand around with on the beach this summer. They come complete with a little version of Mr. P's (aka the Pringles guy) mustache as a decoration.


A version of the classic clogs you probably imagine when you think of Crocs is also available in four colors, which reflect the packaging of four different flavors. There's red (Original), orange (Cheddar Cheese), blue (Salt & Vinegar), and green (Sour Cream & Onion). They also have the Pringles' mascot mustache on them, but it's the third shoe from the collaboration that really gives me mixed feelings.

The Pringles x Crocs Classic Crush Boot is a pair of ankle-high boots that feature holsters on the side that can carry a small container of grab-and-go Pringles. You know, in case you've ever wanted to eat chips you've stored by your sweaty feet. Because these boots don't have any ventilation holes in them.


Do I think most people would actually store snacks by their feet? Probably not. But I do think the concept of unventilated Crocs near my snacks is pretty gnarly, and if you ever offer me some foot-Pringles, I'll probably back away from you very slowly — even if they're the ultra-limited Croc-inspired Pringles flavor that comes with every pair, called Pringles Croc-Tail Party (which is also somehow an unappealing name).

These chips are a spicy-sweet watermelon chili lime flavor, but there's no word on whether or not they pair well with the lingering smell of sweaty socks. For a more decidedly appropriate accompaniment with your Crocs, however, there are Jibbitz charms (those little decorations that fit in the holes of your standard Crocs) that come in five varieties, a Mr. P with a red bowtie, a 3-D winking Mr. P, a can of Pringles Original and a can of Pringles Sour Cream & Onion, and a Pringles crisp charm.

Hey, if you can pull off wearable potato chips, I'm here to support you. But if you offer me any that are strapped to the side of your feet, don't be surprised if I politely decline.