Lord Of The Rings Wines Are Here To Help You Make The Trip To Mount Doom—err, Back Home

The trip back home for the holidays probably isn't quite as long a trek as Frodo and Sam undertook in The Lord Of The Rings to destroy the One Ring, but it is almost as treacherous. Aside from the looming threat of questionable in-flight entertainment, you'll also have to deal with cramped quarters, riddles (or questions about your professional or personal life), and orcs (or "carolers," as they're also known). Since you probably can't just summon a giant eagle to fly you away from the cacophonous revelry, here's the next best thing: a line of Tolkien-inspired wines to take the edge off.

Working with Warner Bros. (which has owned New Line since 2008), Lot18 has released four limited-edition wines, including Frodo's zinfandel namesake, a heartier Aragorn-dubbed red, and a Bordeaux blanc for the Lady Of Lothlórien (elves in particular do love their wine). There's also a 2016 pinot noir named after Gandalf, even though his favorite indulgence was weed-based. But they all have gorgeous, intricate labels, and go for $18 to $25 a piece ($75 will get you all four, though). Shipping is a flat $12.99, presumably because these wines aren't actually coming from Dorwinion.