Last Call: "Zesty, Citrusy" Ants And All The Flavors Of The Buggy Rainbow

"It's like popping a [lemon hard candy] in your mouth."

These were words spoken by Joseph Yoon, executive director of Brooklyn Bugs, to the Washington Post this week in an article about integrating insects into one's diet. From an environmental perspective, the future of cattle farming looks grim, and the planet would have a much easier time sustaining bug farming as a primary source of protein. So, why wait until we have no other options? Why not begin our journey in bug-eating now?

Of course, as we noted earlier, one-third of the world already eats insects on a daily basis; it's not strange to suggest we start doing it here in America, too. As someone who has never tried this alternative protein source, I've heard lots of intriguing details about the crispy, crunchy appeal of roasted katydids; the salty satisfaction of fried mealworms; and the undetectable bugginess of cricket flour. But never have I heard ants described as having a "zesty, citrusy flavor" before; it's like Brooklyn Bugs knows exactly what might speak to an audience of unenlightened carnivores.

Are you all as excited as I am to start dreaming up ant vinaigrette?