Last Call: This Family Ate Past-Date Food For An Entire Year

A Maryland family that owns a chain of organic food markets ate past-date food—including produce, dairy, and meat—for an entire year, and hey, it looks like they lived to tell the tale. News station WTOP reports the Nash family consumed 4-month-past-date buttermilk, butter they'd scraped mold off of, 15-days-past-date ground beef to prove that American needlessly waste millions of pounds of food each year just because best-by dates have passed. I know those dates aren't concrete expiration dates and that groceries like milk are good well past them, but still, I'd be wary of that 4-month-old buttermilk. [Kate Bernot]

My Girl Scout Cookie order is missing a crucial box

My husband went a little nuts ordering our yearly stock of Girl Scout cookies, from our adorable 4th-grade twin neighbors: 10 boxes (at $5 a box). The girls delivered the stash last night, and I've already devolved significantly: Thin Mints for last night's dinner, kicking off this morning with a few Somoas—and sliding a few to the kids as well. Does coconut count as protein? Possibly a vegetable?


Husband was pretty democratic in his cookie choices: 2 apiece of the Thin Mints, Somoas, S'Mores, Tagalongs, and Do-Si-Dos. I sense a strong peanut butter/chocolate influence from my daughter. What's missing in this order though? That's right, trefoils. I know, I'm still kind of in shock. I would trade all the peanut butter varieties for a few trefoils; I'm with Jason Momoa on this, I love them (Somoas are the best though, he's wrong about that). Maybe I can track down the neighbors and offer top dollar for any possible buttery, blue-boxed extras, when I'm not busy making peanut butter sandwiches out of Thin Mints. [Gwen Ihnat]