Last Call: How Do You Fight A Cold?

Help me fight this cold I think I’m getting

It's actually been a while since I've been sick (jinxing myself!), but I woke up this morning with that horrible achy feeling in the back of my sinuses that I am about to get sick. I hate colds. I know nobody likes them, but just the thought that I am bound to get a cold at least once a year until the blissful release of death depresses me beyond measure. So this morning I did my usual cold cocktail: shot of Dayquil, Advil Cold & Sinus, spicy food for lunch. I can still feel it lurking there, just waiting to ruin my whole weekend.


So I turn to you, genius Takeout readers: What's your go-to when you feel like a cold is approaching? [Gwen Ihnat]

Your cheeseburger needs this aioli

It's finally grilling season where I live in Missoula, Montana, as a freak warm front will knock temperatures to almost 80 this weekend. One of my favorite burger toppings—and fry toppings—is garlic aioli, which I make with equal parts mayo and sour cream, plus tons of freshly minced garlic, salt, and generous squeezes of lime juice. The sour cream makes it slightly tangy and just the right texture. [Kate Bernot]