Kim Kardashian West Criticized For Hawking "appetite-Suppressing" Lollipops

If you follow Kim Kardashian West, Amber Rose, or other such reality star-entertainers on Instagram, you know that every few posts is an #ad for some kind of crap beauty product: "waist trainers," "flat tummy tea," etc. But Kim Kardashian West stirred up controversy this week when she posted a sponsored Instagram photo of herself sucking an "appetite-suppressant lollipop" which she described as "literally unreal."

One of the first and most vocal critics was The Good Place star Jameela Jamil, who tweeted that Kardashian West's endorsement of an appetite-suppressing candy made her a "terrible and toxic influence on young girls." For background: Appetite suppressants encourage not eating in favor of looking thinner. Jamil continued: "MAYBE don't take appetite suppressors and eat enough to fuel your BRAIN and work hard and be successful. And to play with your kids. And to have fun with your friends. And to have something to say about your life at the end, other than 'I had a flat stomach.'"

The drama continued when Kardashian West's Instagram post was removed, then later posted again, New York Magazine's fashion site The Cut reports. As of now, the Instagram post is back up. Below it are multiple critical comments, like this one from @aruby14: "I don't follow you, but I saw a repost of this ad and was impelled to voice how much harm you're doing. Using appetite suppressants and starving methods directly leads to the development of eating disorders. I know first-hand how they can severely break down physical and especially mental health. What you're doing is despicable, plain and simple. Keep your perpetual insecurities to yourself."

Also, we can't imagine the appetite suppressant pop tastes very good. Someone get this woman real candy, stat.