Jimmy John's Driver Busts Cheating Boyfriend

We're not sure whether to call this over-the-top or an ultimately kind gesture: A Jimmy John's delivery driver reported back to a woman ordering a sandwich for her boyfriend that there was a naked woman in his apartment. According to WRCB-TV and several other outlets today, Kayla Speer shared the following story on Twitter last week. She wanted to send a Jimmy John's sandwich to her long-distance boyfriend three hours' drive away—which is, of course, a romantic gesture in itself—while he was supposedly studying for finals. She worked it all out with the driver that her boyfriend wouldn't have to sign for it, she would be charged for the sandwich, etc.


Speer texted her boyfriend that food was coming, got a short "thank you" reply back, and she thought that was it. So she was surprised when she got a call from the driver a few minutes later:

Speer then asked for a few more details and descriptions to make sure the boxered guy in question was actually her boyfriend. Confident that it was, she credits Jimmy John's for helping her discover that her boyfriend was cheating on her. The company then offered to throw her a breakup party, so Kayla gets to ditch a cheater and get free sandwiches, really a win-win for her.

This story proves a few credos: First, that no good deed goes unpunished (Kayla ordering the sandwich) but also that JJ's does indeed provide "exceptional service," just like its ads promise. Also, at least put a robe on before opening the door for the delivery guy.


(Editor's note: Please congratulate The Takeout staff for its restraint to not use a "freaky fast" joke in this story.)