Google Puts Mealworms On Pizza, Rest Of The World Sure To Follow

The next great food frontier is right at our feet. I refer, of course, to insects. Scientists consider them an excellent source of protein. Farmers think they could be a more environmentally friendly source of animal feed than corn and soybeans. (Chickens already love them.) Researchers anticipate that we will be eating them on our future Martian colony. Even chefs consider them gastronomically interesting now. So why wouldn't Google serve a mealworm pizza in its Zurich, Switzerland, office?


Vice reported this news yesterday, although according to the story, the mealworm pizza was actually served more than a year and a half ago, in March 2018. A Google employee who preferred to be known as Svbl (hey, the offerings in the Google cafeteria are a matter of high security!) jokingly called it "Pizza La Bughuntero," after the workers who comb software code looking for bugs. Svbl didn't think the mealworm pizza tasted too bad.

"I do think they overdid it though," he told Vice. "You shouldn't cover the whole thing in worms, half of that would've been sufficient as well and also not make up the primary taste."

Other employees were not so enthusiastic. "One of the many spine-chilling things that have passed through here," said one, "part of the wonderful trend of putting whatever trash on the pizza, and on the rest, pesto :p."


This was probably the dominant view, as the experiment was not repeated again. And it's true North Americans are probably less receptive than any other people on the planet to eating insects, so it may be a while before we'll be able to get a worm pizza from Domino's. But they've already made their way into candy and sausage. So who knows what lies ahead?