Game Of Thrones' Sophie Turner Chugs Wine Like A Lannister At NHL Game

As Game of Thrones fans wait with bated breath for the final half-dozen episodes to premiere on HBO starting April 14th, its cast has already completed the epic fantasy story, and are now simply enjoying life, wandering the streets in possession of every remaining plot secret. Taunting us.

At least they seem to be living their best lives, if we can take anything away from footage that emerged from a New York Rangers NHL game on Tuesday night. Sophie Turner, the once and eternal Sansa Stark, stayed on Winterfell brand by hanging out at a hockey game with fiancé Joe Jonas in a cold-weather parka. When projected on the Jumbotron at Madison Square Garden, Turner opted to hit everyone in attendance with a hat trick of her own, when she:

  • Dabbed on 'em
  • Chugged her entire glass of red wine to cheers from an approving audience
  • Finished it off by pulling from a Juul
  • See for yourself:

    Yes, we'll admit that filming one's own celebrity appearance for the 'Gram is...quite a choice, but we at The Takeout feel like anybody who's had to put up with Stark-level family moping for this long is more than entitled to a victory lap.

    Also, Sophie, before we part ways: The North remembers, and The Takeout likewise remembers your too-brief stint as a pre-eminent Internet sausage critic. The Instagram account @sophiessausagereviews has been notably on hiatus for nearly a full year, 11 months of Sophie Turner not contributing to the online cased-meat dialogue. Particularly with your series coming to its end soon, The Takeout would like to offer you a home for any and all future contributions to the field. The position of Sausage Bureau Chief isn't going to fill itself.