Man Hopes To Be Next Ben Or Jerry With His Chocolate-Filled Waffle Cone Nubs

People: I'm angry. About eight years ago, while scarfing down a chocolate ice cream drumstick, a million-dollar idea came to me. As I bit further and further down, I found myself left with a one-inch nub of chocolate-filled waffle cone tip. What won't someone package and sell just that? If muffin tops can happen, why not chocolate-filled ice cream cone points? See this tweet from 2010 as proof:

I never followed the voice in my head. I wasn't entrepreneurial enough. And now, someone beat me to the punch.

Well played, Muddy Bites, well played. That's the name of a snack invented by South Dakotan Nick Cavegn, whose Kickstarter campaign promises "bite-sized waffle cones, [filled] to the brim with delicious milk chocolate and [packaged] into conveniently sized bags for easy consumption." Muddy Bites has until Oct. 24 to raise $30,000 to make my genius but never conceived the idea a reality, which they hope will deliver by next August.

I bow to you Mr. Cavegn, and wish you luck on your campaign (as I shake my fist and howl at the full moon).