Busch Wants To Put A Deer-Shooting Arcade Game In Your Home

I'd never considered what the official beer of Big Buck Hunter would be, but yeah, Busch sounds about right. For the unfamiliar, Big Buck Hunter is an arcade game simulator in which players use a plastic gun tethered to the console to virtually shoot bucks—while avoiding the does—to advance through the levels. It's a staple in the type of bars to which a person might wear Realtree camo. Out here in Montana, my grocery store recently installed a Big Buck Hunter console... seriously.

Busch is capitalizing on the game's popularity with a new promotion with Big Buck Hunter that benefits wildlife conservation through the National Forest Foundation. The gist of it is that hunting promotes wildlife conservation, as hunting permit proceeds collected by state agencies preserve animal habitat and fund enforcement of legal hunting guidelines. (That's a complicated discussion we can save for another day.) People can visit BigBuckHunter.com to buy a $5 "Busch Big Buck Hunter Permit," which unlocks a new "Great White Buck" level in the game. Proceeds benefit the NFF. Every player that virtually shoots that Great White Buck is eligible to win their own Big Buck Hunter console.

Additionally, people can scan codes on special Big Buck Hunter-themed Busch and Busch Light packs that will open an augmented reality game on customers' phones; each player is eligible to win the gaming console as well.