BYU Students Can Now Get Overserved At Campus Milk And Cookies Bar

Who needs mocktail bars when you can have milk-and-cookies bars? Brigham Young University—the Mormon college in Provo, Utah—has been declared the nation's top "Stone Cold Sober" school by The Princeton Review for the 22nd time, and to celebrate, they're opening a bar dedicated to the university's most iconic beverage.

Milk at BYU is definitely "a thing," and it's a pretty big deal. The school's secret recipe for chocolate milk dates back to 1948 and calls for a particular type of Swiss chocolate sourced directly from the original manufacturer. Each year students drink over 300,000 bottles of the stuff, and it's the second most popular beverage in their vending machines after bottled water. This month students partied hard at the annual Milktoberfest celebration, billed by the BYU library as such: "Celebrate studying at the library with the best free chocolate milk you will ever find."

According to Provo's Daily Herald, the university came up with the idea for the Milk & Cookies Bar last year during a remodel of a facility that contained a food court and the official school store. Milk was the obvious beverage of choice for a bar, and where there is milk, there must be cookies. In addition to both plain and chocolate options, the bar offers a seasonal menu with flavors like french vanilla float, raspberry creme, root beer float, and pumpkin caramel spice, each available as dairy-free oat milk on request. The drinks come in reusable glass bottles and start at $1.59, with hot beverages soon to come. Cookies are baked to order and served warm.

Since soft opening last week, the bar has already had to add more seating and is looking to expand their hours to keep up with demand. No surprises there, since this bar sounds like the greatest thing the Mormons have invented since television.