Burger King Revives An Old Breakfast Favorite

You may remember that back in 2019, approximately 263 years ago, Burger King had a French Toast Breakfast Sandwich. It contained the standard fillings of a fast food breakfast sandwich—choice of pork, American cheese, weird eggs—all between two slices of French toast. Which, you know, is not a bad idea. What is French toast after all but fancy bread? Why should the Monte Cristo be limited to diners when it fits the flavor profile of fast food so well? Alas, BK's French Toast Breakfast Sandwich was a limited item and so it disappeared, mostly unlamented. And then 2020 and the great fall of fast food breakfast happened.

But now it is spring, season of hope and revival, time to explore glorious new frontiers in fast food, or at least bring back old favorites from happier times, like the Quesalupa and Hi-C. Accordingly, BK has brought the French Toast Breakfast Sandwich back from wherever old breakfast sandwiches go to languish and has given it a bright new paint job, sorry, side of Maple Butter Sauce. (What is the difference between maple butter and Maple Butter Sauce? Anyone? Anyone?) It will make its triumphant return this Thursday, March 25, In The Know reports.

A few lucky foodie-type people got to try it in advance, though, including YouTuber Ian K, who tried the black forest ham variant from the front seat of his car and reported that it was a "major upgrade" from the original. "The maple butter is really lighting this one up, guys," he announced.

This makes my cold, withered pandemic heart glad, because what is French toast without butter and maple syrup (or some sort of maple flavoring anyway)?