Last Call: Best Of Nextdoor Is The Most Essential Twitter Account I Follow

Twitter, for me, is mostly a work tool. I use it to share stories I like, keep up-to-date with what other publications are writing, and of course, to talk beer news. But in the midst of all that, I need levity, which is where @BestofNextdoor comes in.

Nextdoor is a social network organized around neighborhoods. Like any social network, it's full of odd behavior and weird posts, but on Nextdoor, they're mostly of the benign, get-off-my-lawn type. (A recent top post in my Missoula, Montana neighborhood was titled, in all caps, HAVE THE HUMMINGBIRDS GONE YET?)

Bless @BestofNextdoor for rounding up these gems and making me snort-laugh a couple times a day. I need it, and I bet you do, too.