Backflipping-At-The-Nightclub FBI Agent Charged With Second-Degree Assault

Last week, we reported that an off-duty FBI agent, while clubbing it up at Mile High Spirits Distillery in Denver, dropped his gun after doing a backflip on the dance floor. When he picked it up, the gun went off, firing into the crowd and hitting another patron. The world being the current flaming hellscape that it is, we figured said FBI guy would be let off with a slap on the wrist. Possibly transferred to Boulder. But in heartening news today, we learn that the blockhead has actually been charged.

Time reports that "Chase Bishop turned himself in to police and was charged with one count of second-degree assault, according to a statement from the District Attorney's office." Further charges possibly await on the release of Bishop's BAC report, which judging from those dance moves, we can only imagine to be significant.

That patron also seems to have escaped with minor injuries, as they were "only" hit in the lower leg. In a statement, Mile High announced that that person now gets free drinks for life, if they ever want to go hang at the place where they were shot accidentally.