Last Call: Are You Tough Enough To Contribute To The Greatest Social Media Project?

In its Twitter bio, Gripping Food With Force describes itself as the "worst account on Twitter." This is patently untrue, as the people behind the account surely know. Last night, it posted a masterpiece:


Gripping Food With Force is exactly what it sounds like: people send in photos of themselves gripping food, um, forcefully and the aftermath. Yes, it's the sort of thing that you'd think people would grow out of once they no longer had to eat in school cafeterias, but they don't stop bullying and name-calling, either, and gripping food with force is way more fun.

The grippers are unafraid of experimenting with different kinds of foods: packaged snacks, pasta, fruit, eggs (both cooked and raw). As long as it is food and it fits into a human hand, anything is fair game. Some photos show dogs in the background looking perplexed. Or maybe just envious.

The account launched in July and now has more than 200,000 followers. There are another 25,000 on Instagram. A news report tried to generate controversy by accusing the Grippers of wasting food and predicted the accounts would leave gastronomes feeling "mildly infuriated." The Grippers scoffed and then proceeded to critique the writer's grammar, along with its assumption that the project is the work of one man.


Ha! This is collaboration at its best, and sometimes, it even rises to the level of Art.

After all, true art is about shattering, or sometimes just crushing, society's expectations.