7-Eleven Delivered Me Rosé, Reese's, And A Slurpee In Under 30 Minutes

If you live in one of 18 markets, then hey, congrats, someone from 7-Eleven will now bring beer straight to your front door. That's it. That, as the kids say, is the tweet.

Fortune reports that the convenience store chain is now testing delivery of beer and cider products across the country, through its 7Now mobile app as well as the web; both feature a benevolent Detective Pikachu beaming down upon you as you place your order. The service is currently available in California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Digeo); Texas (Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio); Florida (Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando-Daytona, Tampa); Chicago; Charlotte, North Carolina; New York City; Norfolk-Portsmouth, Virginia; Phoenix; Portland, Oregon; Seattle-Tacoma, Washington; and St. Louis, Missouri.

While various outlets are reporting that only "beer and cider products" are up for grabs, this writer can confirm that wine and spirits are also available, at least in Chicago, because this writer just ordered a bottle of rosé, for journalism. More on that, momentarily.

As for the beer, which is the main draw here, you'll find some big packages of macros (a 24-pack of Bud Light for $21.99, for example), imports like Modelo, Stella Artois, and Heineken, a smattering of craft offerings, and the odd single (a 25-oz Lime-A-Rita for $3.89, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?). A representative of the company also mentioned Dogfish Head beers, New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale, Brooklyn Defender, Blue Moon, and New Belgium Voodoo Ranger as potential offerings.

So I tried it, of course. I put a $12 bottle of rosé in my cart in the app, was told a "small basket" fee would apply on purchases under $15, so added a package of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, a Topo Chico, a can of Pringles, a bottle of Advil (what? We ran out) and, naturally, a Slurpee. It was more than $15, but hey, I like Pringles.

There was no delivery fee—a promotion in the app noted that the first three deliveries were free—and I was able to tip after the fact on my phone. My goods got here before I could even finish writing this article.

So, fair prices, took less than 30 minutes, and I got a free Detective Pikachu tote bag. Your move, Drizly.