Fans Said XBox's New Console Looked Like A Fridge—so XBox, Uh, Made A Fridge

When I was eight, some kid in my third grade class created a very rude chant based solely on the fact that my name (Lillian) rhymed with another student's name (Killian). "Lillian loves Killian!," the kid chanted. "Lillian loves Killian!"

To get ahead of the joke, I decided to confirm the rumor. "Yeah, I do," I replied calmly. "I do love Killian." That pretty much tanked the rumor. It also ensured that Killian stayed a full 30 feet away from me for the remainder of the academic year. The moral of this story: If somebody's teasing you, it's best to get in on the joke. Lo, the latest XBox marketing stunt: a full-sized XBox refrigerator.

Some background: According to XBox fans, the new Xbox Series X looks a lot like a mini fridge. To get ahead of the joke, XBox made three full-sized, functioning refrigerators shaped just like the Series X. Just look at those oblong dimensions! The brand delivered the fridges by forklift, sending them to YouTuber Justine Ezarik and, oddly, Snoop Dogg. Actually, it's not that odd—Snoop's definitely had his fair share of video game cameos. Slashgear reports that XBox will auction off the remaining fridge to one lucky fan.

Admittedly, the fridge is pretty damn cool. It emits that signature XBox green glow and even blares the console's start-up sound when opened. It's also decked out with oversized USB ports and a slot for the Seagate Storage Expansion Card, which is apparently a must-have for serious gamers. According to General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg, it's the "fastest, most powerful fridge" ever made. Seems like the perfect vessel for whatever gamers are drinking these days. Last time I checked, it was Mountain Dew.