Wisconsin Pizza Delivery Driver Helps Rescue Kidnapped Woman

A thunderous round of applause for a pizza delivery driver in Waldo, Wisconsin, a town of only about 500 people in Sheboygan County. While completing a pizza delivery last Thursday, the driver noticed a woman with a black eye standing behind the male customer; the woman mouthed "help me" and "call the police." This unnamed driver—if only they would come forward and receive the accolades they deserve!—did just that, alerting the Sheboygan County Sheriff to what turned out to be a kidnapping situation.

The Sheboygan Press reports the man who ordered the pizza—smooth move, ya dumb bastard—had previously been in a relationship with the woman. He allegedly had forced his way into the woman's home earlier in the day, assaulted her, and tied her up with an appliance cord. Police have arrested him on a cornucopia of charges including kidnapping, false imprisonment, strangulation and suffocation, felony intimidation of a victim, and burglary.

Media reports don't name the pizza driver or the pizzeria which employs said driver; a Yelp search shows a handful of pizzerias in the greater Waldo area that offer delivery. The Takeout doesn't want to "out" private citizens who wish to save themselves from media attention, but if you're reading this, hero pizza delivery person, we extend you a standing ovation. Seriously, I'm standing up and clapping at my desk right now!