Break Me Off A Piece Of That Smoky, Peaty Kit Kat Bar

We all know this to be true: Japan has the best Kit Kat flavors. We Americans get stuck with apple pie Kit Kats (no knock on them, they're delicious), but come on. Japan gets purple sweet potato, pumpkin, matcha, and a bevy more, which is already a wild assortment of candy dominance, but now we've truly reached a new level.

Enter the Whisky Barrel Aged Kit Kat, including ingredients that have been aged in a whisky barrel from Islay, Scotland. Yes, you read that correctly. That's some prime next level shit. Mad respect. Thanks to SoraNews24 for the skinny.

The aged ingredient is, of course, the chocolate. Specifically cocoa nibs that are rotated once a week to ensure as many nibs get in contact with the barrel as possible. When you age anything, whether it's steak or wine, the amount of time is key, and for these fancy Kit Kats, it's for 180 days. The whisky barrels impart that smoky, peaty richness to the chocolate sourced from Ghana, and it's said that the finish on it is said to be particularly long and complex. Imagine thinking these words when eating a Kit Kat! Decadence and luxury in a wafer enrobed in smoky chocolate, and why haven't I eaten breakfast yet because this is all I can think about anymore for the rest of my life?

Even the packaging is fancy: dark and sleek. Each Kit Kat is packaged individually (when I say that, I mean one single wafer log) in a tiny box that is reminiscent of a fancy cigar's packaging. And yet, this luxury is not out of reach, as each Kit Kat is priced quite affordably at 300 yen, which comes out to $2.88 in U.S. dollars. Imagine snacking on one of those while crackin' open that old bottle of Macallan you got on your birthday last year. Now that's livin', baby!