Last Call: Where Should A Beer Drinker Eat In Denver?

I'll be flying to Denver bright and early tomorrow—actually, so early that it won't be bright—to attend the annual Great American Beer Festival. I think this will be my fourth year attending, and every year, I'm still overwhelmed by the sheer scale: Roughly 60,000 people attend, and more than 800 breweries show up to pour their beers. It works out to roughly 7,500 kegs—yow.

I always return simultaneously exhausted and energized by all of it. I'm inspired by the incredible beers I drink, and I always discover new and unique breweries or beer styles I want to learn more about.

But I do need a break from the beer every now and then while I'm down there. So, where else should I eat while I'm in town? I'll add the caveat that I mostly have to stick near the area around the Colorado Convention Center, as that's where the festival and most ancillary events take place, but I do try to break away to check out other restaurants and bars that people recommend. I'm always in search of a good bowl of ramen, so give me your best recommendations, please. I have most of the beer bars already in my regular rotation, but I want to hear your favorite under-the-radar Denver gems.