Whataburger Not Thrilled With Houston Gun Shop's Whataburger Pistol

A custom Whataburger-themed AR pistol created by a Houston gun shop began to draw so much attention online, it was only a matter of time before the Texas-based burger chain caught wind of it. A video of the pistol created by HTX Tactical— per a customer's request—now has more than 21,000 shares on Facebook, and 4,200 comments that include the highly "liked" comments: "Man! I love Texas! The new whataburger kids meal toy" and "Pulling up on In N Out burger like..."

Whataburger itself isn't too thrilled with the creation, reports The Dallas Morning News. "Whataburger did not give HTX Tactical permission to use our brand and logo, and we are reaching out to HTX Tactical to cease distribution of this product," the company said in a statement. The company reportedly doesn't plan to make or sell any more of the "Whatapistol," and says it was merely responding to a Whataburger fan's request for a custom paint job. CBS Dallas Fort Worth reports the weapon cost about $1,800 and also came with a custom magazine designed to look like French fries.

"Obviously, Texas, firearms, and Whataburger go hand in hand, whether you enjoy [firearms] or not," HTX Tactical co-owner Javier Garcia told the Houston Chronicle. Whataburger would like to clarify, telling the Chronicle: "This product is not affiliated or licensed by the Whataburger brand in any way."