Prince George Is A Fancy Little Lad Who Loves Fancy Little Foods

At the age of seven, I was mostly concerned with picking my gymnastics leotard out of my butt and eating frozen Kid's Cuisine meals, which usually involved watery corn and chocolate pudding. Seven-year-old Prince George, the oldest son of Kate Middleton and Prince William and third in line to the British throne, does not concern himself with such childish trivialities. He is far too busy tucking into his favorite meal: spaghetti carbonara.

News of the pint-sized monarch's culinary preferences came courtesy of celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, who chatted with Femail about his role as ambassador for UK charity Centrepoint. Prince William is patron of the charity, so the young prince naturally came up. "[William's] amazing—I'm waiting for the call because apparently his little boy's favourite is spaghetti carbonara, so I'm waiting for the call to go and cook it for him," Zilli said.

I mean, yeah, spaghetti carbonara is awesome, although I spent most of my childhood wading through marinara-coated Village Inn linguine and may have shuddered at the thought of cured pork. I guess that makes young George's go-to dish even funnier. Like, does he eat it with a tiny gilded fork? Does he tuck a napkin into his knitted jumper? Does he sneak leftovers into his signature knee socks? Either way, he's certainly eating better than I did at that age. I just hope the adult George doesn't grow resentful about the stark lack of whimsically-shaped foods during his formative years. Somebody bring this lad a Go-Gurt.