Wendy's Debuts A Strawberry Frosty In Canada

Out of so many fast food novelties, I feel like Wendy's Frosty is one that isn't really messed around with too much. I mean, why bother? It's decent as it is. It's more or less a thick milkshake; no need to reinvent a good thing. But many of you might be excited to find out that the Frosty is getting the rosy treatment up in Canada: The Fast Food Post reports that Wendy's has just released a limited-time-only strawberry flavor.

In 2006, we Americans were introduced to the vanilla Frosty, which hasn't left the menu since. However, the vanilla version was cruelly torn away from Canadian customers last year, so a new flavor is probably no small thing up there. The real question is whether or not you can dip your fries or nuggets into the new Frosty, because I have a feeling that artificial strawberry flavor doesn't play too well with salt. Does that sound good to you? Strawberry and chicken? I think the real baller move might be to see if you could get a half original/half strawberry Frosty and take things in that direction.

The United States briefly had a taste of a strawberry-flavored Frosty-type offering in 2010, in the form of a Strawberry Frosty Shake, a sippable concoction made from a vanilla Frosty base mixed with strawberry-flavored syrup, topped with whipped cream and a cherry. And the last big Frosty innovation here was in 2019, when Wendy's released a birthday cake Frosty to commemorate 50 years in business. So if you're in Canada waving at us across the border with a strawberry Frosty in your hand, hello, please chuck a few our way, because we're curious and hungry for new flavors.