Viral Screaming Sausages Sound Like Pigs Haunting Us From The Afterlife

It's October 1! The beginning to the best month of the year. ROCKtober, we like to say. Not only are you now free to guzzle apple ciders and pumpkin beer in earnest, if you start now, you can still whip up a killer Halloween costume in about a month.

If you're lacking in spooky inspiration, you may find it in an unexpected place: your breakfast sausage. Currently making the rounds is a video that's climbing to over a million views on YouTube, which shows a person cooking sausage in a pan as it emits noises that sound like little kids trapped in a haunted house populated exclusively by chainsaw-wielding clowns.

Rest assured, though, you are not hearing the cries of the pigs who died for your sausage. As Yahoo Answers helpfully explains, as "the water in the meat heats up and turns into steam, it expands. For a while, the skin of the sausage holds in the steam, but then the skin breaks open at a weak spot and the steam escapes out" not unlike a balloon losing air, or a tea kettle's whistle.

A similar phenomenon happens with Spam, as Takeout editor Kevin Pang discovered a few years ago—from the looks of it, possibly in his own Halloween mindset: