What's Your Most Genius Use Of Chocolate Chips? Toll House Wants To Know

Today is National Chocolate Chip Day. No, today is not National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day—that's on August 4. Today, May 15, it's all about celebrating the morsels themselves, and Nestlé Toll House is using the national holiday (one that, let's be honest, the company probably invented and lobbied for all on its own) to kick off its "Remix the Original" baking contest.

"From social media challenges to virtual happy hours, one thing is clear: America's creativity has gone into overdrive as people of all ages are looking for out-of-the-box ways to have fun while social distancing," reads a press release from Toll House. That's why the new Remix the Original competition is seeking "the most original and creative bakes, treats, and snacks America can offer to compete in a bracket-style tournament."

Do you use chocolate chips in a unique fashion, or apply them to your recipes in unexpected ways? Why not spend this weekend trying to invent something new? This competition is only for original recipes, so get brainstorming. As the rules stipulate, nothing is off-limits as long as Toll House chocolate chips are involved.

The top eight recipes, selected for originality and deliciousness, will face off in a tournament, judged by the public. The grand prize is actually pretty comprehensive and cool: the winner will receive a year's supply of chocolate chips as well as "baking gadgets." I don't know how many chocolate chips constitute a year's supply, nor do I know what items fall under the umbrella category of baking gadgetry, but I'd love to find out. (My guess is silicone baking mats, some branded measuring cups and spoons, and maybe some rubber spatulas? Just thinking about what can ship the easiest in a prize box...)

Beyond that, though, the winning concept will be developed into a formalized recipe by Toll House's head pastry chef and featured on the company's website. If you want to put your creativity to the test, follow Toll House on Instagram, like the contest announcement post, tag a friend, and share your most creative recipe idea in a single comment that starts with "My contest entry:" before the contest ends on May 20. Don't submit your idea for cookie cereal, though. It's been done.