Timothée Chalamet's Pantry Is Highly Relatable

"This photo really speaks to the people."

"He is an abstract artist."

"Only timothee chalamet can post a pic of the inside of his cupboard and get 1.5 million likes."

This is just a small sampling of the 40,000 comments (that is a literal figure) beneath an Instagram photo that actor Timothée Chalamet recently posted of the inside of his pantry, and we particularly agree with the third one. Here's the kitchen still life in all its glory:

No caption is offered beneath this photo. We see only blurred, dimly lit items like Kraft mac and cheese, Triscuits, and what might be a can of Progresso soup. The photo's focal point, however, is what some would surely argue elevates it to art: an overturned bear-shaped bottle of honey, all alone on its high shelf, its eyes lifeless but piercing, staring straight ahead into the abyss. What's Chalamet trying to tell us? Is this a self-deprecating portrait of his domestic life submitted for the world's consideration? A commentary on the isolation of stay-at-home orders? A scathing review of Kroger-brand products?

Perhaps it merely means that he's due for a grocery store run (aren't we all?). The 24-year-old performer will often post inscrutable Instagram photos and let his 8.7 million followers take it from there. Still, something about the stark and humble honey bear captured the public's heart, and more importantly, its imagination:

Timothée, we hope you enjoy your macaroni.