TIL You Can Make Salsa With Milk

When it comes to homemade salsas, I let the experts do the work, and I just eat them. I assumed, up until now, that most salsa recipes involve ingredients like peppers, tomatoes, tomatillos, avocados, and various fruits and vegetables. But up until I read this article from TASTE, I had no idea that you could use milk as an ingredient for a salsa. My mind has been not only blown, but vaporized.

Scott Hocker, the author of this piece, stumbled upon a cookbook series some years back (he specifically mentions this because he did not do any pandemic traveling) in a bookstore in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico. The book series is called Cocina Indígena y Popular (it translates to Indigenous and Popular Cooking), and there are 78 volumes (!!!) that capture regional recipes.

Hocker flipped through the book finding interesting recipes with ingredients there was no way he could get his hands on in the States. Then he found a five- ingredient recipe for salsa para tacos contributed by Doña Teresa Montes Cabrera.

The ingredients include two avocados, half a kilogram of tomato, two serrano peppers, salt, and... a quarter-liter of milk. The appearance of the ingredients drowning in milk didn't give him too much confidence, but Hocker decided to roll with it anyway. And then, after a blitz in the blender, the puree transformed into a cream-like salsa, rich, spicy, and smooth. It sounds awesome. Take a look and give it a shot, because it sounds damn good. Milk. Who knew?