TikTok Now Brings Us... Pancake Cereal!

Good morning, everyone. I trust you've all been so busy whipping up your dalgona coffee you haven't had time to think about food yet. Which is great, because TikTok user @sydneymelhoff has invented the perfect quarantine-era breakfast. It uses standard ingredients, it's really time consuming but also cute, and in the end, you get breakfast and an Instagram. Presenting: pancake cereal!


Pancake dip n dots 🥞 This was a joke but actually tasted amazing #breakfast #pancake #tiktokdiy #positivevibes #cooking #keepingbusy #passover

♬ Over it Chinese New Year Remix by JohhnyG – KingVADER

The preparation is simple: make your pancake batter and oil a nonstick pan the way you would normally. Put the batter into a plastic Ziploc bag with a corner cut off (e.g. the cheap person's pastry bag), turn on your favorite kitchen jam, and squeeze little dollops around the pan to the rhythm of the song. If you're lucky and have the right filter, they will sparkle when they're done. If you're not so lucky, they'll just turn a darker shade of brown. Scoop them into a bowl and serve with maple syrup. Or milk, if you are a milk person. Voila!

Well, there are some pitfalls. Stephanie of I Am A Food Blog offers several good tips and pieces of advice, the most important of which might be not to make the pancake batter too thick and that you can't really depend on mini pancakes to stay warm.

Pancake cereal is so successful that it's already inspired the waffle people to get involved. There's also been backlash and a corporate knockoff and I am now determined to make it as soon as possible.