The Best Super Bowl Food Deals, Aka The Snacky Bowl Shuffle

We are the The Takeout's shufflin' crewShufflin' on down finding snacks for youThey're nutritionally bad but they taste so goodBlowin' your mind like you knew they wouldWe're snackin' and struttin' just for funStruttin' these beer guts for everyoneNo NFL trademarks so there can't be troubleWe're all just here to do the Snacky Bowl Shuffle

If you're looking for some pizza that's from DetroitHit up Little Caesars for a pie that's toitIf pizza's not enough and your hunger spreadsUse this promo code for some free Crazy BreadEnter FREECB when you're checking out your orderLimit one code per person so you can't be a hoarderTheir number one topping is the pepperoniYeah the Snacky Bowl Shuffle gonna set you free

Red Lobster's in the house and it don't want troubleIt just wants to tell you 'bout its Big Game BundlesYou pick three seafood favorites for The C.Y.O.Fried fish or shrimp might be the way you goCrispy coconut shrimp will make you happyAnd don't forget the illest of them all, shrimp scampi But if you like eating shrimp with lobster and crabThe Ultimate Bundle is what you should haveEverything comes with a choice of two sidesPlus a 4-pack of Pepsi to sweeten your livesAnd the Cheddar Bay Biscuits, you're gonna get eightAnd you'll want to do the Snacky Bowl Shuffle 'til late

Yo Taco John's got a thing to sayIt's got new queso in a major wayIt's bigger, it's bolder, it's cheesier tooAnd on Sunday it could be free for youPick up your phone and download the appAnd give your buddy Taco John your personal factsYou'll get a coupon for free queso with chipsThe Snacky Bowl Shuffle thinks that's pretty hip

If $1 pizza's your idea of heavenGet the 7NOW app from 7-ElevenLimit one per person so you need to decideIf extreme meat pizza is the one that jivesOr maybe it's the pizza with the triple cheeseOr how about a good ol' classic pepperoni?This offer is good for delivery onlyDon't go to the store like a dumb jabroniKeep their staff safe and out of troubleInstead stay home and do the Snacky Bowl Shuffle

Smashburger's starting a new burger crazeWith Pulled Pork Tailgater Burgers for dayzIt's got pulled pork, and melted SwissA pretzel bun you know that's blissSome onions that have been caramelizedOn Angus Beef that's Certified®On Sunday it can be yours for five dollarsThe Snacky Bowl Shuffle gonna make you holla

Yo, Panda Express is down to get nuts:They'll feed your football fam for only 29 bucksYou can choose three entrees and two large sidesTo eat while watching Tom Brady cryFree delivery's also part of this hustleSo get some Beijing Beef and do the Snacky Bowl Shuffle!