Barbecue Now Available At The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station

The 1974 slasher film Texas Chainsaw Massacre has such a fervent following, fans often made the exodus to visit the gas station from the movie near Austin, Texas. Now, the gas station owners have turned the establishment into even more of a destination for pop-culture aficionados, as Austin's KVUE reports: "The Gas Station is now a restaurant, serving up barbecue and all sorts of merchandise for horror movie buffs."

The current owners of the famed gas station bought it in 2016, returning it to its former glory, and even hosting the same sort of green van featured in the movie. Now the spot also has barbecue meals (offering brisket and sausage by the pound) and four cabins for rent for around $120 a night, as well as a campsite. Souvenirs available for purchase include autographed cast photos ($30), a nice poster of the gas station for $8, and an actual plank from the gas station itself for $90. Branching out into other slasher movie icons, the shop also offers action figures of Friday The 13th's Jason and Freddie Krueger, as well as TCM's Leatherface.

While gore-filled horror is obviously the theme of the movie and its pop-culture stop, manager Ben Hughes insists the staff isn't going to fire up the chainsaw or anything to scare you during your stay. He tells KVUE: "We want to make sure that everybody that comes out has a good time and not just freakin' out or anything like that... If you're a fan of the movie to begin with, then coming out and actually getting to be in a place where it was, it really heightens it for you." Just watch out for that full moon.