Snapchat Filters Can Recognize Your Avocado Toast Now

Food is a prime subject for Snapchat users, third only to koala-ear selfies and dogs snoring. Mashable reports that as part of a major redesign, Snapchat filters can now recognize your food shots and automatically slap your burgers and pizzas with food-specific sticker messages like "What diet?"

Besides the creepy amazingness of image recognition technology, there's another piece of this news that should interest food Snappers: Like anything tech companies do, it relates to brands making money off your social life.

As Mashable details, filters are a money-making tool for Snapchat, which went public in March at a valuation of more than $20 billion. Brands can pay the app to sponsor filters, which pop up based on users' locations or interests. It's easy to imagine food companies' segues into automatic food filters: Snapping a latte? Here's a branded Starbucks sticker. Snapping a hot dog? This one's brought to you by Oscar Mayer. Avocado toast? Whole Foods is on it.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to existing users, who are accustomed to branded stickers around events and places. If you're not aligning yourself with a brand's hip ideology, why are you even drinking that kale smoothie?