Just Call This Coffee Shop With Shirtless Male Baristas Magic Mocha, XXL

If we've learned nothing from the past few years of pop culture, namely the success of Magic Mike and its sequels, it's that women love to look at buff men with their shirts off. So now a Seattle coffeeshop, after failing to find success by employing bikini-clad female baristas, has decided to pivot to a staff of shirtless men. It is now called Dreamboyz Espresso (slogan: "Hot guys serving hot coffee") and has a very thirsty Instagram:

KIRO-Channel 7 in Seattle first broke the news and did some on-the-ground reporting to find out how neighborhood residents felt about the whole thing. Feelings were positive among both men and women and also the management of the teriyaki joint that shares the parking lot. "I saw it was men running it and that was even more awesome," one neighbor said. "They're in these kind of brief bikinis and they're all very good looking young men, so I think both men and women will enjoy the difference."

After a brief discussion in our morning meeting, the staff of The Takeout decided this move was something we could all support, even though none of us happens to live in Seattle. We were concerned, however, about the possibility of burns, so we hope these baristas know what they're doing.