Shake Shack Debuts Make-Your-Own ShackBurger Meal Kits

COVID-19 has made social distancing the law of the land, closing restaurants and making it increasingly difficult to get the foods we love and crave. That might be particularly true of hamburgers, which (no matter what anyone says) don't travel particularly well once cooked, and if made at home require a range of ingredients that might be tricky to secure these days. Here in NYC, for instance, our local Trader Joe's sells out of ground beef so quickly that what was once an everyday staple has become little more than a hazy, beefy dream.

Thankfully, there's now a solution for all the people left wild-eyed by isolation and a lack of fast food comforts. Shake Shack, which has closed some of its stores but continues to offer to-go where possible, has teamed up with the delivery platform Goldbelly to sell make-your-own ShackBurger kits. Each kit gives you the ingredients necessary to grill up no fewer than eight of their signature burgers directly from the comfort of your own virus-free hermetically sealed compound.

For an admission price of $49 (pre-shipping) you get eight patties of the chain's custom blended hormone-and-antibiotic-free beef, an equivalent number of Martin's Potato Rolls and slices of American cheese, and 4 oz. of ShackSauce. (Need more ShackSauce? Make your own.) You'll need to supply your own veggies and whatever additional condiments you prefer, but the ordering page recommends lettuce, tomato, salt and pepper, and, weirdly, butter, which I'm assuming is for toasting the buns and not making some kind of post-apocalyptic butter burger. Although really, who are we to judge? Things being what they are, this might be the time to dip your toe into a more extreme level of butter-basted gustatory indulgence.