How To Be An Ally

The term "ally" can be useful as a way to show support to others, but the downside is that it gives people who are not directly affected by an injustice another way to turn the conversation back to themselves. You can read a more nuanced explanation here. Nonetheless, ally is the word we have, so it's the one we'll use here. And Samin Nosrat on her Instagram feed right now is providing an example of how to be a good ally.

Every day for the past week, Nosrat has been introducing Black chefs, bakers, restaurant owners, cookbook authors, and farmers to her 533,000 followers. She's also created a spreadsheet, if you don't feel like scrolling, that includes contact information and links to books and other ways to offer financial support.

Nosrat has influence. She shared it. You may not have half a million Instagram followers, but you may have time. You can volunteer or march. Or you may have money. You can buy a book or support a business. Maybe someone will give you a gold star or a cookie for doing so, like I'm doing for Nosrat right now. That's always nice. But that's not why you do it. Sometimes injustice is about you, sometimes it's not. It's up to you to know the difference.