Russian "Sausage King" Killed In Sauna With Crossbow

The robust Russian sausage scene lost a power player this week. According to a report from Russia's Investigative Committee (think FBI, but Russian), two masked assailants murdered Russian meat magnate Vladimir Marugov, also known as "The Sausage King," with a crossbow at his countryside estate early Monday morning.

Marugov was the owner of the Ozyorsky and Meat Empire sausage factories, two of Russia's largest meat-processing plants. According to the Investigative Committee, Marugov and a "female companion" were in an outdoor sauna cabin at Marugov's lavish countryside residence when they were attacked. The perpetrators reportedly restrained Marugov and his companion and demanded money, but Marugov's lady escaped through a window and called the police. Unfortunately, by the time they arrived, Marugov had been killed by a crossbow that was left at the scene.

So, who were these assailants, and why on Earth did they opt for a crossbow as their murder weapon of choice? We don't know yet. Truthfully, we don't know much at all, other than the fact that the perpetrators' getaway car was discovered in Istra, a town outside Moscow. The Daily Mail also reports that Russian investigators have one suspect in custody—a suspect who is allegedly closely acquainted with Marugov's ex-wife. We'll be on the lookout for developments, but it seems doubtful that any new information could possibly be more outlandish than the original details of the case.