Last Call: Could You Eat The Same Meal Every Day?

I remember reading once that Jennifer Aniston had the same lunch on the Friends set for years on end: a chicken Caesar salad. My friend Joel has to have the same thing for breakfast every morning—yogurt and fruit and granola—so when we vacation with him and his family every summer, those things are always on hand. I have never been interested in/organized enough to have the same thing for breakfast or lunch every single day (dinner would be pushing it, I think), so I was greatly interested in this article in The Atlantic today: "The People Who Eat the Same Meal Every Day." Writer Joe Pinsker talked to people who have the same sandwich every workday, or salad, and most seem to adhere to this strict habit for nutritional or economical reasons (so that's why I don't have pizza every day). Some say it reduces stress, the same way some people have their own makeshift uniform of clothing, like Steve Jobs did. Taking having to think about things like meals and wardrobe out of the question enables them to focus more on the bigger things at hand, like the office.

I guess I see the advantages, but I would get so bored! I really look forward to lunch, probably because I'm the idiot who only manages to brown-bag it once or twice a year. Should I have a grilled cheese and avocado sandwich today? Fish tacos? Or Jet's Pizza (again)? Tell me what I'm missing, same-meal eaters—besides all that money in my checking account. [Gwen Ihnat]

Bartender’s magic trick

With Takeout editor/resident magic expert Kevin Pang away this week, you all thought there'd be no magic tricks on the site, right? Wrong, friends. I came across this video first on Reddit, and though I've watched it a few times, I'm still at a loss. False-bottom shakers? That was my working theory until I got to the ending, where he turns lime wedges into berries and watermelon. Maybe Kevin can explain the secret to me when he's back. [Kate Bernot]