Pennsylvania Taco Bell Under Investigation For Alleged Razors, Hooks In Food

With hundreds of thousands of fast food restaurants currently active in the U.S. alone, it seems kind of inevitable that an unexpected object or two will find its way into someone's food, by accident or otherwise. All it really takes is lackadaisical management, a disgruntled employee, or the simple law of averages for a mishap to occur, and suddenly it's all over the internet while the restaurant undergoes further investigation. Case in point: the following news item about hazardous items found in a Taco Bell location's food marks neither the first time, nor the second, that The Takeout has written about such a thing during summer 2019 alone.

A franchise location in Middle Smithfield Township, Pennsylvania is the latest to make the news, the result of a local man being hospitalized last week after his food "appeared to have broken razors in it," according to Lehigh Valley Live. The man turned his meal over to state police, who are currently investigating. Local broadcast affiliate WNEP, in its own investigation, adds that another local woman reported via social media what "appears to be a plastic hook" in food from the same restaurant.

Taco Bell issued its own statement on the matter: "We take this very seriously. The franchisee who owns and operates this location is working with local authorities on their investigation, and will take swift and appropriate action once it concludes."

While a healthy dose of suspicion is usually warranted when it comes to stories like this, what with the overwhelming modern compulsion to chase online attention and all, a burrito full of razors is the kind of nightmare fuel that you'd hope Taco Bell is indeed taking seriously. And if this sort of thing keeps up, continuing to frighten the chalupa-craving masses, it might be time for a Law & Order spinoff, Taco Bell: Special Investigations Unit. You might argue that no such thing exists, and we'll just counter that it really, really should. We hope Ice-T is involved.