NYC Burger King Has Been Passing Off Beef As Impossible Whoppers

People abstain from meat for plenty of reasons—ethical, dietary, religious—and for many, this choice is a serious one. That makes this news of a Burger King in Brooklyn, which admits to serving regular beef burgers to customers who'd ordered vegan Impossible Whoppers, more than a mere mix-up.

Eater reports the Burger King at 736 Broadway in Brooklyn has for weeks been filling Seamless delivery orders for Impossible Whoppers with regular Whoppers, asking the Seamless driver to inform the customer of the switch. But according to customers who spoke to Eater, drivers had not informed them of the substitution, and their receipts read "Impossible Whopper." The Impossible Whopper is only available in select cities, and NYC is not yet one of them, despite what the Seamless version of BK's menu advertised.

"We have recently become aware that due to a technology error, one of our franchisees incorrectly listed the Impossible Whopper as a menu item available at some New York-area restaurants through two third-party delivery platforms," a Burger King spokesperson told The Takeout. "The issue has been corrected and the item is no longer listed as an option until we officially bring the Impossible Whopper to New York. We apologize for any confusion this has caused. Any guests who ordered an Impossible Whopper through delivery in the New York area and have any questions may call 866-394-2493." 

The Seamless page has since removed the Impossible Whopper, which had reportedly been listed since May 20.

It's reasonable to believe some customers may not have noticed the burger substitution, as Impossible Foods boasts its burger "delivers all the flavor, aroma and beefiness of meat from cows." This video sheds some light on just how much Burger King has touted the "real" meatiness of its Impossible Whoppers.