Today's Greatest American Hero: Nutella Squirrel

All the news this week has been a swirl of treason: Ukraine, Joe Biden, impeachment, and whistle-blowers. If you need a break, a small point to focus on as history (maybe) churns around you, we invite you to take a minute to make the acquaintance of Nutella Squirrel.

Nutella Squirrel was spotted in Manhattan's East Village earlier this week trying desperately to gnaw its way into a snack pack of Nutella. It was spooked by the photographer who got close to capture the moment and ran away, the New York Post reports, so we humans will never know if it succeeded.

But look at the determination on that face. I believe that somewhere in New York City, a squirrel is happily licking hazelnut spread off its little paws, completely unaware that it has become an urban folk hero.

(Speaking of which, the Post couldn't help but think of another notorious New York creature and asked the photographer, Courtney Hill, how the squirrel compared. "He was having a much more easy morning than Pizza Rat, who was really working for that slice," she said.)