No Evil Foods Is The First Plant-Based Meat Company To Go Plastic Negative

No Evil Foods is a plant-based meat substitute company that's committing to removing around 8,000 pounds of plastic from the ocean. It is the first company of their type to take a plastic-negative stance, according to a press release.

Eight million metric tons of plastic a year join the estimated 150 metric tons of plastic waste that's already floating around the oceans. These are astonishing numbers to think about. No Evil Foods is partnering with rePurpose Global, a company committed to neutralizing plastic waste through business manufacturing. rePurpose is in turn is partnering with CarPe for the execution of the project, which not only aims to clean up and recycle, but also to support marginalized waste workers in the process.

This phase of work will be focused on central and northern India, where twice the amount of No Evil Food's plastic footprint will be reclaimed and hauled out for recycling. No Evil has pledged to donate a percentage of every product purchase to the cleanup effort, and in the long run, its plan is to use less new plastic packaging material and swap to as much recycled plastic as possible.

Other companies have already joined in this process with rePurpose Global, including seafood companies, and skincare.

Hopefully this catches on, and quickly. I'm no scientist, but 150 million tons of plastic floating around the ocean sounds like 150 million tons too much.