Alright, Alright, Alright, Matthew McConaughey Is Going To Be In The Doritos Super Bowl Ad

I'm pretty curious to see how brands handle this year's Super Bowl ads given the, ahem, situation at hand. Some major advertisers have already announced they're sitting this one out, while others appear to be doubling down on the whimsy. Case in point: the Doritos teaser that shows Matthew McConaughey being flown like a man-sized kite. Bear with me, here.

Last week, Doritos released a cryptic video teasing the appearance of someone dubbed "Flat Matthew" who would appear in their upcoming Super Bowl LV ad. In the teaser, Jimmy Kimmel encourages guest Mindy Kaling to "be cool" when she lays eyes on Flat Matthew. Viewers were left wondering who Flat Matthew is, and how he got to be so very flat.

Then on Friday, the brand released another clip in which two kids see a dog flying a kite. One kid asks, "Why is that dog flying a kite?" and the other asks, "Why does the kite look like Matthew McConaughey?" In the distance, McConaughey can be heard asking for "a little help." Yes, it appears that Matthew McConaughey has been flattened to the approximate dimensions of a kite.

If I had to guess, I'd say Matthew's flatness has something to do with the return of 3D Doritos. Like, if he takes a bite, maybe he'll regain his 3D-ness. Or maybe his head will turn into a 3D Dorito, Fruit Gushers-style. Even if you're not a football fan, it could be worth tuning into the big game on Sunday, February 7 to find out. Especially if you've got... some Time to Kill.