Kit Kat Unveils Its First New Flavor Of 2020—and There Will Be More

Connoisseurs of Kit Kat know that there is a sharp division between the Kit Kats of the good old U.S.A., produced by Hershey, and the Kit Kats in the rest of the world, produced by Nestlé. We hear about how you can get wasabi and sake and strawberry Kit Kats in every run-of-the-mill convenience store in Japan (which are not run-of-the-mill by American standards) and our eyes widen in awe. It doesn't matter that a wasabi Kit Kat might not even be that good. It's the principle of the thing. We have to depend on special orders and the whims of the buyers of Cost Plus World Market because Hershey is devoted to American democracy and appealing to the widest number of consumers as possible.

But now we will be getting more varieties of homegrown Kit Kats, in our Targets and Walgreens and 7-Elevens. We can hold our heads up high! This year Kit Kat will begin producing a series limited-edition flavors, most of which are still under development. But! the first one is due out in April and it is... Lemon Crisp.

The Lemon Crisp Kit Kat is sweeter than its Japanese counterpart, Salted Lemon, but it, too, has a white creme base with lemon flavor that gives it a yellowish tinge. The lemon flavor is strong, not like the faint cinnamon flavors in the holiday season's Cinnamon Kit Kat. (If you taste a Cinnamon Kit Kat and a regular Kit Kat side by side, the only difference is the smell.) It's more like the kind of lemon that you get in a lemon cream pie than a Lemonhead, and without the tinge of bitterness you get from lemon zest. It's actually refreshing, or as refreshing as a candy bar can be. It comes in the miniature size only, and it's likely you can't eat an entire bag of these without feeling sick to your stomach, so there's built-in portion control.